A Place for Deferred Dreams

This story is a little different than the others that we have posted. This a a compilation of perspectives on homelessness that we gathered from several different people when we took a the train to the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden, NJ. Within 15 minutes of our arrival I had witnessed someone choking, people selling things out of bags, someone vomit in the center of the sidewalk, arguments, and someone's run in with the police. We met Ruby inside the center. Ruby has been homeless for 6 months. Two years ago she owned a home. She had a husband that she had been married to for 36 years. She owned her own business. Now she sleeps in abandoned homes with her younger sister who is also homeless and is a recovering addict. Six years ago Ruby was raped around the corner from her house. Her attacker broke her neck and her arms and legs were paralyzed for four years. Her husband's health began to deteriorate and he died of a stoke two years ago. Unable to keep up with expenses she took refuge on the streets. Her husband fought in the Vietnam War and Ruby is entitled to funds from the Veterans Agency although it takes about a war to be processed. Until then she will remain on the streets. Marcus has been homeless for two years, mostly in New York. He returned back home to Camden to be closer to an ill family member. Marcus blames his homelessness on family members turning their backs on him when he was struggling financially. Since his return Marcus says some of them have reached out to him and offered him a place to stay but he refuses, saying that this is something that he wants to do on his own. Jennifer is a recovering addict who is returning home to live with her parents. She had been homeless for five years. Mary expressed her desire to give back to others like they have often times done for her. After accepting a sandwich she asked us if we would like to pray with her and she blessed the sickly, the homeless, addicts, and those who are struggling among others. To learn more about their stories please click the link!

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