Andy is a 46 year old home owner. That’s right, he owns a home but is currently living on the streets.

Andy’s (ex) girlfriend of 18 years filed an (allegedly false) Protection from Abuse against him. He violated the PFA by enter his own home to gather some belongings before leaving again. He was also charged for constructing marijuana concentrates.

Andy took these charges to court and tried to fight his sentence. He settled for six weeks of incarceration and six months of paying for his ex-girlfriend to stay in his home. If he wants to enter the house he has to first contact her social worker.

In may Andy will be allowed to live in his own home again.

Something to know about me: I have three half sisters, even though I never think of them as anything less than a sister that I care about very much.

Jasmine is my youngest sister and the only one that lives in the same house as me. She turned nine years old just last month.

Ever since I started this blog she has been begging to be a part of it in any way she can.

She even attended an interview with us one weekend. She had her pad with her to take notes and came up with her own question, I was very proud of her.

Recently she done something that is above and beyond what she has already contributed. This is my message to her:

Jeanette’s interview was completely unexpected, we had originally finished our interview for the day with Belinda. We were on our way back to the train station, passing out sandwiches along the way, when we saw Jeanette walking away from the station. We stopped her and asked her if she would like our last sandwich and her reaction was priceless.

She claimed that our approaching her was a message sent from her children in heaven that they are watching over her. She admitted that she was feeling a little down that day and that our kindness really meant a lot to her.

Jeanette is not homeless, she lives in a personal care home. Before she moved to the home she was homeless for two years and her story and all that she has endured throughout her 70 years is nothing short of incredible.
*The spelling of Janette’s name has been corrected.

Meet Belinda! She became homeless because she fell victim to addiction by both drugs and alcohol but is well on her way to recovery. She praised the A.A. meetings and drug rehab centers that she attends and truly believes that they are helping her and that she will one day no longer depend on any substances. She has been homeless for two years now and has been in and out of shelters. She would rather stay on the streets because of how restricting their rules and guidelines are. When asked if she liked shelters she replied, “I really want my own home.”

When we did our most recent interview in Philly a couple of weeks ago we also went out of our way to attempt to locate Constance and Chaz again. Constance was not in the area that we had spoken to her at previously but we were able to speak to some young women who had had contact with Chaz after the date of our interview.

Chaz’s story is finally up! Within his story you will be able to see his view points of the homeless community and the treatment they receive as well a description of something truly amazing that he likes to do with his spare time. I have also decided that our trips out to Philly will now be biweekly since I have been struggling to get the stories up each week. However, Constance’s Story will still be up this coming Saturday!

Hi everyone! I’d like to thank you for your patience and assure you that our next story, Chaz’s story, will be up within the next few days. In the meantime, here is an update that includes the contents of this weeks care package.