Turhan’s Story

After graduating high school with a seventh grade education due to a learning disability, Turhan has worked his entire adult life to support himself–until now.

“Labor is my only skill,” he said, “if I can’t lift anything, I can’t work.”

At age 49, he developed an inguinal hernia that caused him constant pain and left him out of work and, because it’s technically not an injury that he sustained while on the job, he never received workers’ compensation.

“That really hurt my feelings,” Turhan said, “I’m a loyal employee, I put everything into my work because it’s all I have… I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t help me.”

Unable to work and with no other source of income, Turhan turned to the streets, where everyday is a battle with depression for him.

“I don’t want to hurt myself–I want to recover,” Turhan said.

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