Update on Chaz and Constance

When we did our most recent interview in Philly a couple of weeks ago we also went out of our way to attempt to locate Constance and Chaz again. Constance was not in the area that we had spoken to her at previously but we were able to speak to some young women who had had contact with Chaz after the date of our interview.

Constance’s Story

Constance's story has been posted! She is 44 years old and previously relied on SSI for 18 years before it was cut off. She has been homeless for two years now and is waiting to hear back from SSI about her current application although this could take up to another year or even longer. Constance tries to remain hopeful but she says, "I get tired of sitting out here shaking this cup, sometimes I just want to throw it away."

Chaz’s Story

Chaz's story is finally up! Within his story you will be able to see his view points of the homeless community and the treatment they receive as well a description of something truly amazing that he likes to do with his spare time. I have also decided that our trips out to Philly will now be biweekly since I have been struggling to get the stories up each week. However, Constance's Story will still be up this coming Saturday!


Hi everyone! I'd like to thank you for your patience and assure you that our next story, Chaz's story, will be up within the next few days. In the meantime, here is an update that includes the contents of this weeks care package.

Dora’s Story

Here it is, Dora's story! Dora is the first homeless individual that we have interviewed for this blog and her spirit was refreshing, I have never met someone with so much energy and passion for the things they care about most. I do apologize for the delay, I have been writing this in between assignments. I hope you enjoy her story as much as we do!

Donations Accepted

Hi, everyone! Kathy and I traveled by train to Philadelphia yesterday (Saturday, October 7th) and spent the day roaming around looking for a homeless individual to interview and offer our care package to (which will be featured in our next post). We met two wonderful women, although one respectively declined having her story shared so... Continue Reading →

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